About Willem

Willem was born near Rotterdam, Netherlands on 27 October 1953. His parents were Willem (Wim) Kooij and Annigje (Sjaan) Rijsdijk. He married Yvonne van Kuijk on 21 May 1978. Yvonne passed away on 10th January 2009 . Willem died on 24th January 2013.

Here we'll try and preserve Willem's (and Yvonne's) writing and photography. We remember them.


By Willem and Yvonne.

WeekA's Dagboek

Willem wrote (pretty much) daily on his Blog from April 2005 until his death on 24 January 2013.


Willem was an enthusiastic photographer and shared his photos on his Fotoblog site.


This is a photo site with a cross section of Willem's photos, to be used as a reference.

Photo Books

"Een fotoreis door de tijd", a 240 page photo book with Willem's photos. Buy it or download (72 Mb) for free.

Yvonne's Dagboek

Yvonne caught the blogging bug too and kept her online diary from 2005 until she passed away in 2009.


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